Call for Proposals: Scientific Sessions

Call for Proposals: Scientific Sessions


Innovation in a Time of Crisis: Can We Future-Proof the Food System?

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IFT FIRST, Food Improved by Research, Science, and Technology, is IFT’s reimagined annual event This event will convene professionals from around the world through an experience that is personalized to attendee needs, while helping you more effectively connect with others, do business, share science, and solve problems.  

IFT is striving to create a more integrated experience for our Annual Event attendees. To showcase the best and most innovative science, the Call for Proposals aims to make life easier for the scientific community to showcase novel science and solutions that address major challenges facing the global food system.


The deadline to submit a proposal is December 12, 2022 at 11:59pm Central Time. Submitters will receive a confirmation email containing a PDF copy of their proposal and a link to make final adjustments before the deadline. No third-party organizers or endorsements will be recognized.



IN PERSON - Proposals will qualify for one of the following 


Multi-Session Conversations - All submitted proposals will be considered

The science of food continues to grow more complex as disciplines advance and crises unfold. Multi-Session Conversations convene 3-5 speakers from across the Science FIRST program to have a dynamic conversations about their knowledge, expertise, research, or ideas addressing some of the biggest questions within the science of food community. These panel-style conversations are organized around a Guiding Question and hosted by leading experts within the profession, called Session Hosts. During these conversations, attendees are encouraged to engage with speakers and each other to discuss, debate, or share their personal experiences, perspectives, or research.


The Annual Meeting Scientific Program Advisory Panel (AMSPAP) will make the final review and selection of sessions for IFT FIRST. They also determine which accepted sessions will take part in the Multi-Session Conversation based on the Guiding Questions. Each Multi-Session Conversation will be assigned 2 Session Hosts who will work together to develop the conversation outline and bring the session to life in Chicago.


Research Promotions - Specifically for pre-tenured faculty, recent PhD graduates, post-docs, and grant project awardees.

IFT is excited to offer this opportunity to promote up-and-coming research and celebrate these presenters' work and accomplishments. Research Promotions will include a short oral presentation with audience Q&A at the Research Showcase Stage at IFT FIRST in Chicago.



DIGITAL - All accepted speakers will be asked to complete both

Professionally Recorded On-Demand Session (10 or 20 minutes long)

Accepted speakers will record their presentations using IFT's production process, producing high quality and professionally edited videos. This video will be included in the Science FIRST on-demand session catalogue for attendees to access post-event. Speakers will also receive their videos files 6 months after IFT FIRST for personal use and distribution. Each on-demand session should only contain a single title and presentation.


Professionally Recorded 1-Minute Version

This 1-minute version of a speaker's presentation, called a FIRST Cut Session Summary, is meant to detail the most important information of a speaker's on-demand session. This condensed version is played as part of a speaker's introduction during their Multi-Session Conversation, allowing attendees to learn the most important points of that speakers on-demand session. These videos are included in the on-demand session catalogue and, if watched back-to-back, it allows attendees to learn the most important points in the Science FIRST program in ~2 hours.


  • October 12, 2022: Call for Proposals & Call for Reviewers Opens
  • December 12, 2022: Call for Proposals Closes at 11:59pm CT
  • December 14 - January 2, 2023: Tier 1 Reviewers begin initial peer review to score proposals and identify high-quality, relevant sessions​
  • January 3 – February 9, 2023: Annual Meeting Scientific Program Advisory Panel (AMSPAP) begin the Tier 2 review process and make final selection of accepted proposals
  • March 1, 2023: Submitters to be notified of the status of their proposals
  • May 31, 2023: All on-demand presentation recordings due
  • July 16-19, 2023: IFT FIRST Annual Event and Expo 


These 30-minute informal meetings support session organizers and presenters by answering questions they may have regarding the 2023 Call for Proposals. Join us every Thursday at 3 pm Central Time starting October 20. Click here to register or contact the Knowledge & Learning Experiences team at for any questions regarding the proposal process.

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